About Us

Gandiva Foundation is a public charitable trust registered under the Government of India. The main motive of the foundation is to bring about a positive transformation in the society where every individual is able to unlock his/her talents and has equal access to all opportunities. This is achieved through quality education, skill development and social outreach. Initially, the organization sets path to this endeavor by conducting programs and initiatives for the overall development of children in mind.
As children are the future citizens of tomorrow, the transformative role that children bring will shape the progress of the nation.
The organisation formally started function on the 7th of September 2016 by a small team of 9 Trustees and is currently functioning out of a small rented office space at Navinipatty Village in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The primary day to day activities and functioning of the trust is run by the trustee members and also by passionate people who are keen to do social activities.


Our vision is to unlock the potential of India.We will use our collective talents, wisdom and energies to deliver a positive transformation in the lives of people with our initiatives for growth and progress.


To ensure that no student ever gets deprived of his/her right to opportunities due to the lack of quality education in their life. Education is the key to progress and by empowering children with good education, positive ideals and strong values, the lower sections of the society can be uplifted irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. To support its mission, Gandiva Foundation partners with various schools and colleges across Tamil Nadu to form partnerships with other individuals from public/private sector organisations. This brings about expertise and experience in enabling the children to access various opportunities and aiding skill development.